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                  摘  要:改革開放以來,在高新技術產品研究領域,中國政府實施了一系列政策和措施,并取得了卓越成就,使得高新技術產業在對外貿易中地位與作用日益突出。中國對外貿易大幅增長又在很大程度上依賴于高新技術產品的出口,加快高新技術產品的出口將會是今后我國對外貿易工作中的重點。我國作為發展中的國家,實踐表明,只有通過出口貿易結構的優化和升級,才能在激烈的國際競爭市場中獲勝。所以,增強我國高新技術產品的科技含量是我國成為貿易強國的必由之路。
                  關鍵詞:高新技術 ;出口現狀; 對策

                  China's High-tech Products Export Actuality and Its Development Strategy
                  Abstract: Since reform and opening, in the field of high-tech products, the Chinese government implemented a series of policies and measures, and made outstanding achievements in making high-tech industries in foreign trade status with the increasingly prominent role. China's foreign trade expanded significantly and largely dependent on the export of high-tech products, to accelerate the export of high-tech products will be the focus of foreign trade in China in the future. China is a developing country, proved that only through the export trade structure optimization and upgrading, to the fierce international competition to win the market.. Therefore, enhancing the technological content of high-tech products in China is the only way for China as a trade power.
                  Keywords: High-tech; Export Status Quo; Strat

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